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last modified: Fri, 1 Sep 14:02 EDT

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Holy Spicoli! A FREE craptasic laptop! (Harlem / Morningside)

Date: 2006-09-01, 2:00PM EDT

That's right! A free laptop! BUT, as with just about everything listed in this section, there's a catch:

IT DOESN'T WORK! DOES work, yet at the same time, it doesn't. Get it? Yah don't!? It's cool, I expected as much. I'll explain everything.

Before I do, though, here are the original specs from two different sources:
IBM Website - Overview: ThinkPad 600X
Dealtime - Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad 600X.

Incredible, I know. Anyway, now to explain: The laptop itself still works, but its various components don’t. It’s still able to boot up fine enough and all that, but the LCD screen is broken, the keyboard is fucked up…it’s…ugh.

There are so many things wrong with it; I’ve compiled several lists:

::What Works::
- Keyboard: 57 out of 85 keys
- Trackpoint (internal mouse) “clickers”
- 56k modem port
- One of the memory slots (forget which one)
- Speakers
- Battery Slot
- External Device Bay/UltraslimBay port
- Internal Device Bay/UltraslimBay slot
- Microphone jack
- Monitor (VGA) port
- A/C Adaptor jack
- Phone jack
- On/Off switch
- Reset button
- Hard Drive slot
- PC Card slots (2)
- Internal Fan
- Status Lights
- Serial port
- Docking Bay port
- Printer port
- Inferred port

:: What DOESN’T Work::
- Keyboard: 28 out of 85 keys (most important ones, IE: Enter, ESC, vowels, etc).
- Trackpoint (internal mouse) “mover”
- LCD Screen (cracked & broken)
- One of the memory slots (forget which one)
- Li-Ion Battery

AH! Now you see what’s up, huh? It gets better!

::What’s DAMAGED and works sometimes::
- USB Port (1; you have to put something under it, like slim CD cases)
- CD-ROM Drive (24x; removable; won’t read CDs sometimes)
- Headphone jack (not too bad, just push it downward slightly when plugged in)
- Mouse port (for a external mouse ONLY; must be held upwards hard when plugged in).
- Exteranl 1.44 MB diskette drive (broken, thrown out)

Yeah, insane. But, despite all of this, it can work perfectly fine with external devices. I've had such a set-up for about two years before my last working HD died.

Unfortunately, you'll have to come up with these items yourself. They include an external monitor, an external USB keyboard (with a mouse port) and an external mouse. You'll ALSO need a laptop hard drive THAT ALREADY HAS AN OS INSTALLED ON IT, since you can’t install one using the laptop’s keyboard (no Enter key). Extra memory chips and an 10/100 network PC card are also recommended.

But, don’t fret too much, it comes with some helpful items as well: The 56k modem card (which is removable), the A/C Adaptor AND the non-working Li-Ion battery!

I know! Amazing! And, if you’ve forgotten...IT’S ALL FOR FREE! :O

So, if you're interested in obtaining this fine package, email me and we'll set something up. Serious inquiries ONLY!


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